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Monkey Kingdom    17 Apr 2015

G 81 min DocumentaryHD Movies

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In the Disney Naturdoku In the Kingdom of the apes, the filmmakers of our Earth accompany a family of monkeys in the Southeast Asian jungle.

In the realm of the monkey, the monkey mother Maya her newborn Kip secures a place in the extended family after his birth. They are part of the “Temple troop”, a horde of monkeys, who lives in the ruins of an ancient city in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The little monkey must learn only the hierarchy that exists within the group. To get the other inhabitants of the wild, which the monkeys the jungle and “Castle Rock” have to share: Leopard, chameleons, bears, deer, peacocks, lizards, Mongoose and the predator of the Middle River.

But the harsh law of nature has no rest the monkey: A rival clan distributes the Monkey family from their forest homes and at one time the animals finding themselves in the middle of the urban jungle, where they must adapt to new conditions, about to to procure their food. But Maya don’t want to give up the old home to Kip and so the monkeys try to reclaim their home.

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