Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) Full Movie Dvd

Transformers: Age of Extinction    27 Jun 2014

PG-13 165 min ActionAdventureHD MoviesSci-Fi

IMDB: 5.8/10 225,533 votes

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5 wins & 21 nominations.

USA, China


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Michael bays of transformers 4: Mark and co. era of doom among others encounter the old Dinobots.

Transformers 4: Era of doom takes place four years after the final battle, which took place in the previous film of Transformers 3 in Chicago. Autobots and Decepticons, who are responsible for the destruction, have disappeared from the Earth, and for many a frightening memory.

Also CADE Yeager, an inventor, who retired lives with his daughter in Texas, don’t know that some scholars seek still by all means, to fathom the secret of transformers and can be used for the military. When he brings an old truck for slaughter in one day on his farm, he soon realizes that this is one of the last remaining is Autobots. Floats the unsuspecting humanity in grave danger, because an armada of evil is on its way to Earth, with a new, more dangerous weapons: the Dinobots – hybrids of car and dinosaur robot.

Contrary to previous messages announced Paramount Pictures producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Michael Bay in February 2012, that Bay in transformers 4: era of doom (OT: transformers 4: age of extinction) Director will lead. Transformers 4: Era of the sinking the last film the transformers film series, in which Michael Bay takes over the directing is however most likely.

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